Welcome to ZEST!

Hello! I’m Emily, Founder and Co-Director of Cherry. Welcome to our news blog - ZEST!

I’m here to chat to you about Cherry’s origins and how we’ve grown over the last year. Cherry is a community that provides space for womxn and feminists to share work, collaborate, inspire each other and produce art in its many mediums. We formed in Falmouth, Cornwall as an events collective to encourage womxn to exhibit their creative work by providing a platform for powerful speakers, and bringing like-minded feminists and friends together.

Those involved in the events became the original Cherry members, or ‘Galz’ as we call them. Post-university, Cherry is growing and spreading across the country, and we realise it needs to evolve to become a space which encompasses all our Galz and facilitates the continuation of their creative collaborations. So, we launched CherryGalz.org. This online directory collates the portfolios of all our incredible Galz and allows us to communicate our art to the world, constructively build on each other’s creativity, and sell work through our shop.

We’ve been super grateful to have the online space up and running since COVID-19 took hold and placed us all under lockdown. It allows us to continue to connect and be creative from Berlin, Falmouth, London, Bristol and Wales. Although there are greater concerns during this time, to be able to come together as a community and share creativity from our homes is invaluable to us all. To console the obvious limitations of a lockdown, we have also launched online exhibitions which take place in a virtual, 3D gallery space. The exhibition hosts new and revisited work from many of our Galz, which is always exciting.

Thanks to our wonderful Co-director Charlotte Hampshaw, we have our own Cherry Radio, hosted by our good buddies at KER-PLUNK. We welcome you to join Charlotte and co-host Tom Stewart on Source FM once a month while they chat about their favourite music and play you some great tunes.

We love adding new sections to Cherry to help it become a multifaceted community, because we want to nurture and develop the ideas that you guys have, so we couldn’t resist when Hannah Flowers came to us with the idea of a book-share. Born from the need for information about the Black Lives Matter movement, and from Hannah wanting to offer her own personal library to help spread and share knowledge, without the boundaries of price or privilege which can hold people back. Check out the Cherry Flower page to see the full collection!

Now we have ZEST. The wonderful Galz, Amber and Amira, have proposed, curated and brought to life this incredible and much-needed aspect of Cherry. With plans to show opinion pieces, articles, short stories and more, they are bringing Cherry into a dynamic and present space to demonstrate the written work of the Cherry Galz and our friends. In collaboration with the wonderful Lilly Shickle, ZEST is also being transformed into a zine, with its first publication focusing on food. If you would like to submit work, we welcome your emails to submissions@cherrygalz.com.

We hope the future of Cherry holds space for more of this growth and evolution. Whether it’s through Cherry or any other creative platform, we think this kind of creative community and shared support is vital for the continued survival of the arts. We urge you to grab your friends and do the same! Let us know when you do, because we’d love to collaborate with you. So - check out our Galz' personalised portfolio pages, listen to our radio show, browse a virtual exhibition, read ZEST, rent a book from our Flower Library, subscribe to our newsletter, admire our residencies, educate yourself on our learning page, and as always,



Words and images: Emily Mort, Founder and Co-Director of Cherry

Editor: Amber Patterson

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