Too Much, Darling

This week we're excited to share snippets of 'Too Much, Darling' - a beautifully aesthetic zine that discusses the impact of the contraceptive pill on mental health. This zine was created in collaboration with various writers and artists to accompany a song by Hops! that explores similar themes. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to the full zine; we would love you to join us in exploring this expression of creativity and emotion.

But first, a note from the curator, Lilly Shickle: 'This zine was incredible, moving, empowering and deeply saddening to create. Inside you will find some beautiful illustrations and amazing stories, written by courageous people who shared their experiences of hormonal contraception with us. This is NOT JUST FOR PEOPLE WHO MENSTRUATE to read. It is for anyone who is passionate about promoting positive mental health. We hope that it will encourage conversation around these topics and amplify the voices of those who need to be heard. I am so grateful to everyone who contributed; for their vulnerability, openness and badass-ness. You're all so powerful.'

Click here to read the full zine!


Zine Curation: Lilly Shickle

Zine Illustrations: Poppy Crew, Eleanor Hardiman, Rachel Pendered

'Too Much, Darling' Song: Hops! (Stan, Will, Ché and Lilly)

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