The Virtual Vigil: No Man's Land

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault


Humming like a tied note,

I feel your fingers

In the mouthwash down my throat,

You said “come on”,

And I said “no”,

And I said “mais non”,

And you said “so”?

Conflicted between being righteous and kind,

Did they feel this guilty when they were behind enemy lines?

In the middle of no man’s land,

There’s no man’s hand,

Nor spine.

Left with markings, inscribed and defined,

Left with a coward,

But he left me soured,

Words to deter, affirm, self-referred concerns.

“You’re a filthy little slut.

C’mon baby, this isn’t too much.”

Ruth McBride / @ruthmcbridepoetry

'The Virtual Vigil' is a series of perspectives, emotions and poems written in response to the current political climate. As a feminist art collective we want to use our space to empower the voices of those affected by gender based violence. In doing so, we hope to challenge existing narratives and teach men that they have a collective responsibility to speak up and call out inappropriate and violent behaviours. If you would like to take part in our virtual vigil, please feel welcome to email us at

Images by Emily Mort.