The Thoughts of a ‘Man’

Poem by Andrew Ogun, illustration by Marianna Ostrowska

People say that there is strength in being


I don’t even know the definition of that word.

There are no weaknesses flowing through my veins,

There are no chinks in my armour,

No flaws in my flow.

People say that there is strength in showing your


I think they call it

Emotional maturity

Or something like that.

It all seems a bit childish to me, children are the only people that cry

When things don’t go their way.

Women too.

Men though, men don’t need to shed tears

It’s unnecessary.

You see, we deal with things using fists,

Wielding our ego just like King Arthur and his sword.

When our ego decides to take a break, men that once had

Life by its horns become silenced,

Soulless beings just like artificial intelligence.

You see most of us (men I mean, not humanity)

Dance with depression

From time to time.

She can look more impressive than us on the dance floor

But in the end, we’re the ones that get the

Round of applause.

Except when we don’t, and then eternal darkness seems

Like the most desirable option.


Words: Andrew Ogun

Images: Marianna Ostrowska

Editor: Amber Patterson

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