Rowen x Marianna: Cat Callz

A sublime collaboration between poet Rowen Jones and illustrator Marianna Ostrowska.

"he only hits you if he likes you"

what age does that stop being sweet

and starts being something you talk about with a group once a week

or when they nod heads and cross-check

isi your mam’s love or your dead friend?

or your traumatic adolescence?

cold tiles on spread thighs

"it's not your fault"

i'm head up, down in agreement

you're uncomfortable and

"sorry he did that"

so now when i walk down the street

i walk fast but

don't make it obvious

take. deep. breaths

cos dogs can smell fear

i'm weighed down

my volume’s down

so i’m even more aware

that my surroundings are

overwhelmed by watching eyes

i am 13 again, small and afraid

my middle finger raises to the car and it

makes no difference either way

i’m still afraid.

watching eyes are metronomes ticking to their entitled beat and i pray to god they don’t

stand still,

focused on me,

loud without speech and

implicitly explicit

i long for the day i walk out the door

and those eyes won't be there



Words: Rowen Jones / @wedi_blin0

Images: Marianna Ostrowska / @marianna_ostrowska

Editor: Amber Patterson

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