Rights, not Privileges

'Rights, not Privileges' is a poem by talented writer Eliza Crawford. This poem was inspired by an event Cherry will be hosting for International Women's Day - click here to sign up for the event, where we will have the fortune of hearing Eliza read this poem alongside two other fantastic poets. The images that accompany this piece are a beautiful selection of paintings by Molly Milton. These paintings form part of a collection of Molly's work current being shown at Fish Factory Arts' online exhibition - 'The Force of Women'.

Painting by Molly Milton

Rights, not Privileges

When you gaslight me into a supernova of


And pick and prod at my imperfections and

Bloodshot skin,

And tear down my house, leaving nothing

But the bed,

I feel a sense of hopeless vengeance at the

Weight of your voice.

When you breathe sweet emptiness into

My hairline,

And gawk at my fury with unrivalled joy,

And press against my chest as if the

Surplus of the sky were crushing me,

I have an inner truth that speaks

Inside my stomach;

It fills me up with hot-headed intelligence,

Elongates my spine,

And stretches my vocal chords,

With the sound of power.

And the rumbles of sisterhood

Tell me to fight for my rights and

Not my privileges.

Deeds, not words.

Deeds, not words.

Rights, not privileges.

Hell hath no fury,

Like a woman denied a seat at the table.

And the person that stands in front of me,

Quakes with the fear of being

Emasculated as I measure my flowering

Shadow against the door frame.

by Eliza Crawford

Painting by Molly Milton

Painting by Molly Milton


Poem: Eliza Crawford / @elizacrawford_

Painting: Molly Milton / @mollyannmilton

Editors: Amber Patterson and Charlotte Hampshaw

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