In Conversation with Hopefully Made

This week, we’ve been chatting to Cherry members Hope Gwilliam and Becky Rawlins about their business, Hopefully Made, and their latest venture. Hopefully Made is an earth-friendly screen printing company with a beautiful array of products - all advocating love, compassion and sustainability. We asked the duo about their history and how their adventure began.

Hope grew up in Wellington, Telford and while being homeschooled at the age of fifteen, she founded Hopefully Made with her sister, Holly. Hope went on to study Fashion at T-Cat before moving to Stoke to study Surface Pattern Design. Though Becky grew up in Market Harborough in Leicestershire, after completing an art foundation at DeMontford University, she pursued Textile Surface Design at the same university as Hope. The two entrepreneurs met in student halls and went on to share a studio. Although their courses were different in name, their disciplines overlapped and they became fast friends with a mutual appreciation for craft. In their third year of study, they both completed a project which explored their futures as designers. “Hope already knew that she wanted to work for herself,” Becky explained “I, however, needed a little more convincing and more research. Then there was the ‘night out’ where we both had a lot of gin and started spewing out all our crazy ideas for what we wanted to do in the future. We began dreaming about Hopefully Made and what it could be. The next day we spoke about it again and decided it wasn’t just some crazy drunk idea, but that it was a GREAT idea and truly what we wanted to do.” Hope and Becky are both incredibly proactive and innovative, so after their initial conversation the vision continued to develop in exciting ways. “We took a short business course to help us get started,” Becky continues, “we moved to Wellington, Telford and set up our studio in Hope’s parents spare room and started printing.”

Becky and Hope describe how they create their beautiful designs behind the scenes; “recently we’ve been using Adobe Fresco on the iPad more and more, but we do love going back to stick and ink too, nothing is better than getting messy and creating great textures with graphite, charcoal and ink. We then translate our designs onto silk screens ready to hand print onto our products.”

Sustainability is incredibly important for Hopefully Made’s business model so they strive to be a zero-waste company. Becky describes how Hopefully Made centres the beauty of earth and the people on this planet. “We have a huge passion for people, and try to help in any way we can. Whether that is supporting financially or running workshops to teach people that they are creative in their own way. We are in the process of expanding our studio so we can continue to build our creative community.” Over the last two and a half years, Hopefully Made have developed their brand, meeting new people, collaborating, creating illustrative commissions and experimenting with new screen-printing techniques. One of their proudest achievements so far is their first children’s book, Supercharged Superhero by Gemma Everson, which was published last March.

Their latest endeavour, Hopefully Coffee, is an exciting move and a big step forward. “We are currently in the process of moving to Shrewsbury! We are opening a studio coffee shop, a space for us to grow a community that will be home to students, families, artists, entrepreneurs and coffee lovers, providing an environment for people to learn and grow within themselves and flourish in their own creativity. We believe that everyone can be creative if only given the opportunity and encouragement. We will be running screen printing workshops and other creative classes.” Hopefully Coffee will be a space for collaboration, ethical coffee and wholesome food. “We have set up a Kickstarter to ask people to partner with us financially to see this dream come to fruition. Not only for us but for all those who will use this space to chase their dreams and help look after our beautiful planet.” The Hopefully Made Team are truly inspirational and we’re so excited to see how Hopefully Coffee expands.

Click here for the Kickstarter!


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Writing and Editing: Charlotte Hampshaw / @char_hampshaw

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