Feeling Thin

A poem by Jess Cohen, illustrated by Ollie Powell.

It started dipped in sadness

And grew swollen into a sickness

That I cradled

Proud of how it was coming to look on me

This is how it’s meant to be

This feeling

This adult addiction

Finally has found me

I knew it was likely we would meet again

It’s not hard for me to plan ahead

To prepare my feeling

The feeling of thin

This is how I want it to be

You look at me

and notice

Not this thing you couldn’t like

But the new, the improved, the feeling

Because who wants to see

A person filled up in flesh

When they can glance as

A skirt sinks in between hips

Or as a jaw

Cuts away from the body

To cast a shadow

Across a veil of skin

Everything is telling me

So I’ve always known

Growing up gives you the space

To shrink back down

Now here’s the day


And I am

What I’ve worked for

You look at me

I am thin

You look away again

And I am half of what I was before

Some people are made like they belong in fairytales, almost too kind and good and lovely to be true, and that description fits both members of today's poet and illustrator duo. Jess Cohen is the wonderful author of 'feeling thin'; a sombre poem of thoughts that haunt us, and Ollie Powell, the talented illustrator whose work accompanies Jess' words. Hold tight for our pending interview with Ollie!


Words: Jess Cohen

Images: Ollie Powell

Editor: Amira Umar

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