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A text & image artist / writer living in and out of a van and various other places. Not ready to stay still for too long. Themes of the self, travel, and nostalgia amongst nonsensical texts and pure images . Some of the work speaks for itself, some of it tells you what to do; some is diaristic and symbolic and the rest is more simply formed. All projects are ongoing in one way or another.  

Below are a few pieces from different projects.  Website coming soon.

P1010828 copy.jpg

Piece from 'An Indian Winter'

Murmuration copy.jpg

From 'Post its'

final2 copy.jpg

From 'To Be Remembered By The Answer'

4 'soft earth and twigs' copy.jpg

From 'Check My Thoughts Before I Think Them'


'Helpful Information [text]' from 'Text amid Text'