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Lilly Shickle

Hello, how are you?

I'm Lilly. I am a multi-disciplinary artist who creates audio-visual content, which takes many forms including music, art, fashion, dance, photography, and videography. Having a creative, multi-faceted skillset allows me to have complete creative control and create connections between visuals and sound.

Through music or visuals, I aim to display moments of humanity, whether the warmest, most intimate moments or moments of despair and desperation. I also seek to achieve this in my collaborations, to unearth a connection and relationship with another creative may that be long-lasting or transient.

I enjoy exploring meaningful topics that may not be at the forefront of media such as female pleasure, bi and homosexuality, and deep, intense intimacy. My aim is to empower and intrigue.

I am inspired by so much around me, from my friends to Florence Welsh, from Pina Bausch to Vincent Haycock. Most of my inspirations have a uniqueness about them that makes them truly distinct from anything else. 



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