"For all the words I have not been able to say, I have cried queer tears and made art"


We are pleased to support the work of queer, feminist artist GOODSTRANGEVIBES also known as Lou Brown. Lou Brown is a long time friend of CHERRY and we are pleased to support their incredible exhibition. An advocate of body positivity, mental health awareness  and all things beautiful and kind, this exhibition goes above and beyond to express the strength, beauty and vulnerability of self-expression and identity. The artist recommends a donation of £5 and 50% of the profits will go towards @aktcharity - a charity to support young people in the LGBTQIA+ community who are facing homelessness or hostile conditions. DONATE HERE. If you cannot donate, please share widely. As gracious as they are creative, we are honoured to know Lou Brown and see the affirming and inspiring work of GOODSTRANGEVIBES.