Hello and welcome to the Cherry Flower Library.

This book-sharing initiative was proposed by English Literature Graduate and Events Marketing Associate Hannah Flowers, facilitated by CHERRY.

We would like to thank Hannah Flowers for her project proposal and for sharing precious literature with us all.

Please peruse the selection of books we have available below. Each book has received a short review from its owner. When you find a piece of literature that sparks your interest, below the description you will find the email address of the owner. Please email the owner and request the book. The owner will then ask for your address and payment for postage. Once you have paid for postage, the book will be sent to you. You have a maximum of a month to read the book and can request a longer time period with the owner if required. If the owner of the book does not reply please contact or

The book-share project is organised independently via email

Read our Terms and Conditions.

This project was conceived as a way to share books and knowledge, though we also realise the importance of supporting the author - we suggest that after reading you donate to the author or a charity they support. 

Click on a book for the email contact and a short summary - this selection will grow in the coming weeks!



If you would like to share a piece of literature, please email:

Please include a picture of the book, taken in the style of our library selection and a short concise review. Please confirm you are happy for your email address to be used so you may be contacted. By participating and submitting a book to share, you must reply to emails and ensure that your book is sent promptly. You will also be in charge of keeping tabs on your book. If there is a waiting list for your book, you will direct the product from person to person, so you know where the book is at all times and can organise postage from person to person accordingly. The person receiving the book will pay for postage to compensate the sender.

If there are issues please contact Cherry or Hannah flowers.

You are more than welcome to withdraw your book at any time and have it sent back to you if you want to stop sharing. Please notify Cherry straight away your book will no longer be available.

CHERRY and Hannah Flowers will not be liable for damages, book owners are responsible for their literature. However, if there are any problems, the sender must be reported immediately. If any books go missing, CHERRY will investigate all receivers or senders of books and ensure that the person in question will not be involved again and resolve the problem if possible. If anyone has damaged the books, they will have to replace it with the exact copy of the book (In terms of edition and cover, etc). Likewise, if a book owner provides a product in terrible condition, the book will be removed by the CHERRY FLOWER LIBRARY.

Preemptive worrying aside, we are very excited about our book sharing project and if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d be delighted to hear them.