Welcome to our 3D, virtual monthly exhibition. We have one or more Gals per month exhibit their work, as a response to our collective being spread out over the UK and Germany. Please enjoy!


Artwork by a selection of Cherry Galz, curated and produced by Alice Jones.

During the time of Isolation, as traditional galleries and institutions are forced to close their doors, curators and artists have turned to online spaces to display work and explore the benefits and short-comings of art within a virtual context. As astutely noted by Orit Gat, the surging overproduction of images via the internet have the potential to overwhelm the communal value of art within physical space, calling for a reassessment of the digital process. This is a time for reflection; how will art continue to develop and transform upon/within/inside a digital stage. How can programming bring us together? How will we explore the internet as its “own medium?” (Gat, Art-Agenda 2020)

The members of art-collective CHERRY are confronting the debate with optimism and awareness. The collective was fortunate enough to launch its website prior to the crisis and the members have been using their newfound online presence as a respite, tackling social stagnation with independent creativity and response.

Traditional art institutions can be difficult to access – the collective was founded in Cornwall, where grass-root art spaces are much more common. CHERRY held its first event in a higgeldy-piggedy bar in an 18th-century courtyard - galleries spring up in former warehouses, factories and contemporary studio spaces can be found interlocked by historic buildings and mills. This has facilitated and inspired Cherry’s innovative, haphazard approach to art – there is no competition in CHERRY, only excitement for collaboration as each member of the collective bounce off one another with their ideas. Their latest venture is the launch of their first online exhibition.