Welcome to our 3D, virtual monthly exhibition. We have one or more Gals per month exhibit their work, as a response to our collective being spread out over the UK and Germany. Please enjoy!

Niamh Hejsak

It is our last exhibition of the year and we are delighted to host the wonderful artist and photographer Niamh Hejsak and her exhibition “Garden of the Moon.” Niamh’s work is dramatic yet soft - nature blends into skin, earth to sea, textiles become flora and sky. From her photography, we see paint-like impressions, a work of classic beauty with an edge. By contrasting the colour of her pieces, the sea becomes illusive like the moon’s surface, a hand reaches out the window toward blurred movement. Niamh has named her exhibition well, within the “Garden of the Moon,” we see verdant nature, vivid and rotating alongside shadow and monochrome.