CHERRY X KER-PLUNK: Women Refugee Aid

CHERRY X KER-PLUNK combine forces to bring to you music, film, and art for your pleasure, with 100% of funds being donated towards two charities; one that is crisis-response oriented and one that’s more policy-changing/ asylum-support oriented, so we can support short-term and long-term aid. 

In aid of displaced women across the world, we are presenting Music, Film, and Words from a talented group of creatives. Join us on the 8th of March to watch 'Women Uprooted': a short film by Dominique de Villiers, on the experience of women seeking asylum in the UK; Readings from a group of incredible poets, A DJ set by Edible (Ed Hanley of Ker-Plunk) and, with the ticket, a free digital print from Asha Wilson.

We ask for a donation of at least £5, but we encourage you to give what you can. These donations will be split across two charities, one providing emergency care and the other providing long-term support. 


The first charity we are supporting is Women for Refugee Women - this wonderful charity supports three main pillars in its fight; to empower, influence and change. Their work surrounds supporting women to give them confidence and skills, amplify their voices and advocate for policy change for a fairer asylum process. Find out more via their website.

We’re also supporting Attika;  “As the NGO which runs the largest warehouse on the islands for incoming donations, Attika plays a vital role in the distribution of humanitarian aid across Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kos and Mainland Greece... The Attika team then sorts, delivers or arranges collection for the other supporting NGOs” while also running a personalised ordering system of specific items directly to the residents of Moria and Kara Tepe camps. For more information please visit their website.

We hope to share this evening with you!

Lots of love, 
Cherry & Ker-Plunk

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We encourage you to give generously to those in need, but please ask that you do not give less than the £5 asking price. All funds raised will go directly to our two chosen organizations.