Emily Harrison


After spending the last three years receiving intensive training from the Academy of Music and Theatre Arts, Falmouth, within my Theatre and Performance degree -

 I'm just about ready to enter the big bad world and make some noise.


Headshot by Thom Axon

Loud mouth Geordie tired of the patriarchy.

Theatre maker, performer and writer

Coast lover, sea swimmer

Currently based in Cornwall


insta: @emilyannharrison

Past Noise...


This is My Riot


Inspired by the incredible Russian activist group Pussy Riot, this solo performance is a protest against the lowering standards of consent amongst young adults.


Poor sex education and easy access to pornography from a young age has given our youth a skewed and unpleasant view of sexual norms. This has led to a dramatic rise in sexually aggressive 

acts - which should always require consent - becoming common place.


This is my Riot hopes to expose these issues for what they are, whilst inspiring others to start their own protests along the way. 

Warning! Includes badly drawn vaginas.

Created and Performed by: Emily Harrison

Dramaturg: Misri Dey


An Ode to South Shields


This poem explores my complex relationship with my hometown of South Shields. 


Are you even from an ex-mining, ex-industrial North East town if you're not bursting with a mixture of home pride, political frustrations and a passionate love of curry? (Kormas not included)  

Originally wrote to be performed at the launch of The Poetry & Prosecco charity night's hosted by the one and only Charlotte Hampshaw. ​It's because of Char that I have to confidence to create and share my work today. Thanks from the bottom of my Greggs loving northern soul Char, you're one in a million.

I always get so exited when I see the Tyne Bridge, no matter how far I've been, or how long I've been away,

when I see that bridge and it means I'm hyem 

- Me Mam