At Cherry we want to celebrate all things merry and bright, but first and foremost we know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by diverse cultures and religions, which is why this holiday season, we bring you TWELVE DAYS OF CHERRY an initiative which celebrates community, celebrating how far we’ve come together in the whirlwind that has been 2020. It’s not about a man with a sack, it’s about a man getting the sack (Donald Trump). Hooray! 


On the 11th day of Cherry, we give you the gift of Ghost Stories!! In Part 3 of our lecture series, we started the night by accidentally getting on the subject of ghost stories and we thought it would be super fun to have an online exchange of ghost stories !! Just send us a dm on Instagram and tune in - you share your stories or listen to others👻


This will be an informal chat event and anyone is welcome🧡


"On the (again late) 10th day of Cherry we bring you the gift of ART - enter tonight’s giveaway to be in for a chance of winning a piece of art from our shop from one of our TALENTED GALZ

To enter just:
- like this post
- tag a friend in the comments
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On the 9th day of Cherry Holiday, we have a very special TREASURE HUNT! Within our website we have hidden 12 cherry symbols, if you go through our website pages and tell us which twelve pages have a tiny hidden cherry, you will be in with the chance of winning a prize!

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On the 8th Day of Cherry, we bring you the gift of song! We have made a Cherry Spotify with personalised playlists from the members of our collective! Join us for this rich way to get into peoples’ minds and listen to the sounds of their souls!


digital download shop

On the 7th Day of Cherry, we have re-launched our online shop! We plan to launch the shop in full next year but we thought in the spirit of the holidays, we’d bring you a small selection of virtual prints. These prints, when purchased, are available for download and you can print and frame them as you wish. This virtual approach means less waste and guaranteed delivery in time for the holiday rush!

featuring the likes of Marianna, Asha and Maia


The Cherry Flower Library


Tonight! It's the final instalment of our event series! We hope you enjoy it! We are so excited to welcome Lauren Deacon Davies, a pop indie record producer and songwriter! Lauren recently won the European Pro Sound Awards for Breakthrough Studio Engineer! Lauren is incredibly talented and has written over 200 commercially released tracks and is currently working for music artist Gary Barlow. We're excited to chat about their experiences within the music industry.

Manuela Rivadulla described herself as one who “lives fashion as a political, social and creative act.” she is a stylist, creative director and writer, who brings together art and fashion in a contemporary vision. She has worked on shoots for vogue and is intuitive with creative direction. With knowledge of art history and contemporary society her shoots are imaginative, aesthetic and timeless.

Eleanor Hardiman is a wonderful illustrator and designer based in Bristol. With pastel soft figures, Eleanor has created a meditative and peaceful world which successfully navigates the fast-paced commercial side of illustration and graphic design. Eleanor was shortlisted in the World Illustration Awards and her creative work has featured in Vanity Fair, Creative Boom and the Telegraph, she has also worked for clients such as LUSH, Penguin Random House and Oh Comely. We look at Eleanor’s art and we feel a sense of restorative calm. Tune in to our last event tonight at 6:30pm to hear Eleanor’s insights to the industry.



On the 4th Day of Cherry, my true love sent to me…a list of small businesses to purchase gifts from this year! It doesn’t exactly rhyme but stay tuned. This list of small businesses is provided by the wonderful guys over at thethoughtfulguide! A beautifully put together list of small businesses, where you can buy ethically this holiday season!


Niamh Hejsak

It is our last exhibition of the year and we are delighted to host the wonderful artist and photographer Niamh Hejsak and her exhibition “Garden of the Moon.”


Niamh’s work is dramatic yet soft - nature blends into skin, earth to sea, textiles become flora and sky. From her photography, we see paint-like impressions, a work of classic beauty with an edge.

By contrasting the colour of her pieces, the sea becomes illusive like the moon’s surface, a hand reaches out the window toward blurred movement. Niamh has named her exhibition well, within the “Garden of the Moon,” we see verdant nature, vivid and rotating alongside shadow and monochrome.



Get ready for the second instalment of Bitter to Sweet: Womxn in the Creative Industries! Tonight at 6:30pm. Amy Lawrence is a brilliant multi-disciplinary artist and musician operating in Cornwall. As a performance artist, Amy performs under the alias ‘The Worm’ and as a painter and sculptor, Amy works under the title ‘Gnome World.’ Amy has a history in Performance Costume and is intrigued by the process of story-telling within performance art and her practice, experimenting with history and fantasy to create worlds. Amy Lawrence is a visionary, adaptable and imaginative. We are so excited to hear her speak.

Next up, we have the incredible Florence Bird, a TV and Radio Promotions Co-Ordinator at Island Records. A dedicated individual, Florence has been with Island for three years and is proud of her diligence, work ethic and fierce sense of independence. Florence has in-depth knowledge surrounding digital music platforms, the industry and market trends. A champion of self-belief, Florence always takes initiative and pushes herself to the best of her ability.


We are so proud that tonight we get to chat to the incredibly determined and highly-creative Nigerian & Ghanaian born Londoner, Thomasina R. Legend. Thomasina is an entrepreneur businesswoman; she is motivating and proactive, strongly believing that sharing failures, challenges and hardships is key to success. Thomasina is truly inspiring, emphasising that success does not have to be instant, connecting creatives from across the world no matter their reputation and placing value upon the skills of her contemporaries. It is this uplifting approach which fuels her annual creative book Voix Meets Mode, a creative work which advocates integrity truth and balance. We can’t wait to hear more.


Finally, we have our last speaker, the wonderful Daisy Griffith. Daisy is the Head of TV & Online News for BBC Southwest and works closely with @bbcspotlight, keeping wonderful stories, anecdotes and community at the core of her work. Daisy is a digital media professional and is highly experienced in the realm of social media and national, regional and international news. A former TV editor with experience in management, Daisy is hardworking with a a vision for the future of communication and media. We look forward to speaking with her.



For the first day of Cherry Good Cheer, we have our very special FREE event!

We would like to present Bitter to Sweet: Creative Womxn in the Creative Industries. The first instalment of this event will take place TONIGHT at 6:30pm. If you haven’t signed up yet there’s still time – just follow this link! We’ve got an incredible line-up of speakers for tonight!

First we have Pippa Adamthwaite Cook who is the Managing Director of @fuzebristol. Pippa AC is in charge of overseeing the creative and commercial elements of @FUZE. They have a wonderful community with charitable initiatives at their core and are proud hosts of the largest student-run charity fashion, music and dance show.  Pippa is an incredible producer with work that has featured in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we are so EXCITED to hear her speak.

Next up we have MC Barnes. MC Barnes is a Mother Agent, writer, casting director and motivational cheerleader based between London and Hong Kong. Marie Claire’s career is an international one as she represents models from across the world as well as keeping spiritual wellbeing at the heart of her work. Marie Claire is an excellent manager with a truly uplifting and motivating voice, we cannot wait to share in a piece of her light.  (LINK)

We cannot wait to listen to Stacey Olika, an incredible creative producer and digital designer! Stacey is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of AmakaDesigns, her freelance sub-brand which creates designs on commission. Stacey also works with the BBC as a Production Management Assistant and is the co-founder of No Boundaries which champions creatives who are left outside of the mainstream. Her work is powerful and multifaceted, encompassing podcast, film, radio and curation. Stacey confronts neo-colonialism, advocating kindness, culture and representation. A graduate of graphic design, Stacey is an inspiring curator who is innovative and adaptable in her practice.



After an intermission, we have the honour of hearing Marta Literska. Marta is an intuitive fashion and portrait photographer based in London and the Director of Esperos Studio, a filming and photography studio. Marta deeply enjoys capturing peoples’ personalities pre-to envision the aesthetic of her shoots in context to the people she meets. She describes how “motion and emotion” are fundamental within her process. Marta is experienced with both digital and film cameras and works closely with musicians and artists to create editorials and campaigns. For Marta when pursuing her passion, everything falls into place. We are excited to know more about the journey of this professional.Finally, to end the first instalment of our event, we will listen to the words of acclaimed author Eva Rice. Eva’s first work of fiction The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets was translated into fourteen languages and was finalist in the British Book Awards Read of the Year in 2006. In between writing projects, Eva is also a talented musician and plays keyboard in the band The Boy Least Likely To. We are so thrilled to be joined by this brilliant, noted author.What a fantastic line up of speakers! This is a free event and gift from our CHERRY team to celebrate the launch of our online magazine Zest – available now on our website. Huge thank you to our editors Amber Patterson and Amira Umar.